Join us for Jennifer Dou’s demo on how to grow and cultivate your own mushroooms with Forij cultivation kits.

Growing your own gourmet and medicinal mushrooms is easy. Jennifer will walk you step-by-step through how to cultivate mushrooms of all varieties by demoing Forij products, starting anywhere from a petri dish to grain spawn to a ready-to-fruit grow kit. You’ll learn the basics of cultivating dung-loving and hardwood-loving mushrooms using various techniques that are simplified for the everyday home grower. 

JENNIFER DOU, Forij Mushrooms

Jennifer Dou is the Co-Founder and Lead Mycologist of Forij Mushrooms, a local cultivation supply and functional mushroom company. Jennifer is a biologist and fungi-lover, with a degree in microbiology and years of laboratory experience harvesting macrophage cells, performing cell culture work, and using CRISPR Cas9 technology. Soon, she discovered that the same mushrooms she found in the forest bore uncanny resemblance to the animal cells in her petri dishes. She has been cultivating mushrooms of all varieties ever since.


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Gibsons Public Market – Coastal Room (2nd Floor)

Functional / medicinal mushrooms

Join us for Dr. Landon McLean’s functional mushroom presentation on integrating mushrooms into you diet for improved health and wellbeing. 


Dr. Landon McLean is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor (ND) located in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. Dr Landon’s practice has a special interest in digestive health, injury recovery and improving energy. Dr Landon is licensed for Intravenous (IV) therapy and prescribing authority in BC. He can address your health concerns as they present themselves using various tools within the naturopathic scope including, but not limited to Clinical Nutrition, Intravenous (IV) Therapy, Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, Trigger point injections, Neural Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Botanical Medicine and Functional Mushrooms.


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Gibsons Public Market – Coastal Room (2nd Floor)

Mushroom Research

Join us for Stephanie Bulman’s presentation on mushroom cultivation substrates. 


After years of battling her own chronic illness and later helping her partner through Leukemia, Steph Bulman found success in functional medicine with a focus in mushroom immune support. After seeing the value of these alternative therapies, Steph began to cultivate a fascination with mycology and forest ecology. In feeling the heightened threat of the climate crisis and the ever-disappearing forest ecosystems, Steph chose to go back to school in 2018 for a Bachelor of Applied Science at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in the Sustainable Agriculture Program in Richmond, BC. Currently in her 4th year, she is conducting research trials on varying growth substrates and Beta-glucan levels in Pink Oyster and Lions Mane mushrooms. This research project has led to an internship with Mycelyum this summer and fall semester.

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Gibsons Public Market – Coastal Room (2nd Floor)

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