Check out some of our mushroom foragers, crafters and producers. They will all be at our festival market on Saturday, October 30th.

Refuge Farm is a local farm and foraging company that was born out of a pandemic. It is the brain child of former chef turned full-time forager Jeremy and his partner Megan who also traded the corporate grind for the forest. We currently pick, sell and dry up to 36 wild mushrooms on the coast as well as forage for seasonal greens and berries for our wild tea and salt line. Everything we find is foraged locally and sustainability on the Sunshine Coast BC.

Shannon Hobson is a Certified East West Herbalist based in Roberts Creek, BC. Throughout her studies in Planetary Herbology, Shannon has learned, not only, traditional and modern herbal healing through the use of tinctures, salves, liniments, teas, fomentations, and many more, but she has also learned many traditional bodywork techniques such as cupping, moxibustion, Korean Hand Therapy, as well as, relaxation techniques such as Shirodhara, foot/hand soaks, and herbal relaxation baths.

She has developed a wide range of products including tea blends, popcorn toppers, syrups, infused honey, bath/body care and tinctures with functional mushrooms.

We are delighted to be bringing you this deep dive into the food and drink culture of British Columbia’s Lower Sunshine Coast.

From Gibsons to xwesam (Roberts Creek) to ch’atlich (Sechelt) to salalus (Madeira Park) to Egmont, we aim to represent all that this unique region has to offer a passionate foodie. Our vision for this magazine is to provide a fun, funky, informative and inventive look at what makes food and drink on the Sunshine Coast happen, from farming to fishing to foraging, to the people and businesses that keep us fed from nature’s bounty at the Sunshine Coast’s tremendous variety of restaurants, pop-ups, breweries and food trucks, to home cooks sharing their favorite recipes.

 Sunshine Coast Palate is a free, ad supported magazine that aims to promote Sunshine Coast businesses to visitors and locals alike. We are interested in working with businesses to showcase the range and abundance of great food and beverage options on the Coast. If you like what you see here and care to join us for this edition, please be in touch. I am eager to discuss how Sunshine Coast Palate can help meet your advertising needs during these challenging, unprecedented, but innovation-inspiring times.

Shaggy Jack’s Wild Mushrooms is a mushroom foraging and education enterprise located in Gibsons, on British Columbia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. We provide locally foraged wild edible & medicinal mushrooms for restaurants & markets. Our primary mission is to educate people about the ecology of mushrooms and how to safely identify & sustainably harvest wild edible species through classroom presentations & educational forest foraging culinary adventure tours.

Looking for a tasty way to add functional mushrooms to your diet?

Mycelyum has developed functional mushroom gummies that include Reishi, Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail and Cordyceps in fruit flavours.

– ADAPTOGEN with Reishi | Wildberry
– COGNITION with Lion’s Mane | Lime
– ENDURANCE with Chaga | Grape
– IMMUNITY with Turkey Tail | Blue Raspberry
– VITALITY with Cordyceps | Blood Orange

Launched in 2019, Mycelyum was founded with a mission to share the rich history of functional mushrooms and rethink mainstream assumptions about these powerful superfoods. Our passion for the power of mushrooms inspires us to develop products that can be easily integrated into our customer’s daily life, and that are surprisingly tasty.

Mycelyum offers a natural way to deliver ancient knowledge to proactive people searching for improved well-being.

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Gibsons Public Market
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Sat, Oct 30  | 10am - 5pm 


Heritage Playhouse
662 North Rd, Gibsons, BC

Dosed Movie

Fri, Oct 29  | 7pm